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Vee Allen: Music

Bluesin' in the Big Easy, 2015

Big Easy Blues

2. Source of Comfort

3. Everything But What I Want

4. Don't Ask Me to Let You Go

5. Talk to Me

6. Candy

7. Sunday Kind of Love

8. Time After Time

Woman Enough, 2007

1. Woman Enough

2. Can I (2007 Unplugged Version)

3. Everything But What I Want

4. Source Of Comfort

5. Let's Pretend To Be Lovers

6. Don't Ask Me To Let You Go

7. Your Song

8. Time

9. Your Song (Feat Mark Channing)

Vee Allen with Ray Kamalay, 2008

1. The Very Thought of You

2. At Last

3. Soon I Will Be Done

4. You Got me Runnin'

5. I'M In the Mood For Love

6. Them There Eyes