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CD: Bluesin' in the Big Easy - 2015

CD: Woman Enough - 2007

Vee Allen: Woman Enough

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This cd is dedicated to my three brothers, James "Son" Thomas, Al Perkins, and Robert "Mickey" Boss, all of whom have had a musical influence on me in some way. This collection of songs contains some originals and some covers of my previously recorded material. "Can I" was released in 1973 and charted on the R&B and Pop charts for 10 weeks. Returning to the studio after a 23-year hiatus was a challenge, but it became my opportunity to pursue a dream that was dormant for too long. I am proud that I am finally able to say that I am "woman enough" to do whatever I want to do and MEAN IT!

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Single: Your Song - 2008

Vee Allen & Mark Channing: Your Song

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This song was taken from the Vee Allen CD entitled "Woman Enough". The duet is included on the CD, but the Mark Channing solo is only on this CD. The song was written by Vee Allen for her deceased husband who recorded it prior to his death. Mark Bresky is credited for the arrangement, but the words and melody were created by Vee Allen. The words are so inspirational, Vee decided to produce the CD as a greeting card which can be shared with others. It is for all occasions, or no particular occasion at all. It is appropriate for a friend, relative, or anyone who wants to say to someone,"I want you to have a song for times when I can't be there to cheer you up, and to let you know that you are loved."

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